Utilizing your Virtual Tour

One of the features of my virtual tours and slideshows is the client access and editing. Any client can sign in to their tour to change photo order, add music, change features, etc.

Using this feature, my client Jerry Sun and his team have really added all the extras to their virtual tour. His assistant Mandy, asked for all the access she could have and I let her. I have to say she's taken it from good to amazing! Just some of the ways they've taken this 360 degree virtual tour up a notch...they asked me to shoot sunset shots of the house, they've added in a video intro to the beginning and have added voice overs on individual scenes. She's really customized it to the fullest. I love it. Their latest tour is the best example of how to really make a virtual tour shine!

This friday, I go back for another evening photo shoot with the house staged. I can't wait to see it all dressed up! In the meantime, Take a look at the tour!