Stories In An Old House

Today we say what will probably be goodbye to a beautiful home in Los Angeles MediaCarrot photographed for our client Jerry Sun, with Re/Max, It’s a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2,255 sq. ft. house built in 1927 and is listed as a fixer upper but it definitely needs someone with an extreme attention to detail. Deep pockets wouldn’t hurt either, parts of the floor are a little treacherous. It was the longtime home of Charles and Betty Quon and their family. It’s sad that the pictures we take are only able to show how the house is right now. We can't photograph Betty playing the piano for her family, or their children running over the orange carpet when it was new. They had several collections of cameras, baseball cards, gorgeous art and figurines from their ancestral China. Betty even had a Betty Boop collection. We can only show the rather ramshackle kitchen that feels small by modern standards but saw the creation of many delicious meals and maybe a spectacular kitchen disaster the family still remembers fondly. Pictures can’t capture the laughter of family and friends that rang through every room over the years. We can show now, where a picture hung over the fireplace protecting part of the wall from dust, where the small cutting board counter shows heavy use, where the orange carpet is worn down between the kitchen and the dining room. As old and in need of repair as it is there is a lot of beauty in it. A house that is used, a house that was a home.